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Headset Hygiene - YES IT'S IMPORTANT

For Call Centers, cleaning your headset thoroughly once a month, will ensure that the headset stays clear of body oils, makeup, grease and dirt. This service prevents bacteria spreading and give your headsets extra life usage expectancy. 

As a standard practice of hygiene, we recommend that voice tubes and ear cushions - both foam and leather styles -  be replaced every six months. 

Importance and Steps on Cleaning Your Headset

Following the steps below, you should clean your headset thoroughly once a month. This services improves the ROI of the headset, prevents bacteria and viruses from spreading, and provides peace of mind. 

The health of your organization and staff is of great importance.

1)  Use an anti-bacterial wipe to clean the head band and ear pieces (and t-bar on a monaural headset).

2) Run the wipe along the microphone boom and the headset lead (and curly cord on some models).

3) Clean the microphone thoroughly; the majority of bacteria gathers here (close to the mouth).

4) Use a small brush on more stubborn sections eg. behind the ear pieces (sterilize brush after use).

We are the best cleaners in the industry.

Let us test and clean your headsets for you!

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